Safe space under control.

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Always be yourself.
Even during
office meetings.

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Always be yourself.
Even during
office meetings.

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Always be yourself.
Even during
office meetings.

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Always be yourself.
Even during
office meetings.

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Independent spaces for solo working and meetings, including virtual ones

for Hush
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Yao Ming Sales Consultant

Do you wish you felt more comfortable in
the office, as an on-the-go employee?

You’re a mobile employee. You spend more
time on the road than you do in the office.
The time you spend on-site is, however, indispensable,
because you only have a few
hours each week to touch base with colleagues
and hit outreach targets. Hush is for
people like you who need to get maximum
output out of this minimal amount of time.
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Freedom helps me meet my goals

Julia Project Manager

Do you want to spend less time finding
focus and more time producing?

The high-level status report is due tomorrow
morning. So far, you’ve met each
milestone in stride. You and your team are
on track. But every day, so much energy
is lost fighting distraction. Constant noise
and other stimuli in your open office leave
you emotionally exhausted by the end of
the week. Hush offers a better way.
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I want to win and grow talent the smart way

Claire HR Manager

Do you dream of an office space that
attracts and nurtures talent?

The fight for talent intensifies with each
quarter. You need free-thinking people to
drive the kind of differentiation that will
put your team in a class of its own. What
if you could continually tweak your office
space to draw these one-in-a-million performers
you need? Hush is the missing
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Sara General Manager

How do we satisfy all working styles?

Your sales team takes a lot of private calls
and meets only twice a week. Your marketing
team holds brainstorms every other
day and spends a ton of time working
solo. Your design team spends the majority
of their week alone, drafting. You need
spaces for collaboration, privacy, and everything
in between. How do you satisfy all
these needs?
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Zachary Architect

What if you could future-proof your
client’s office?

What if you could future-proof your
client’s office?
Your client wants a functional, modern
space. But their needs shift rapidly because
work tasks, patterns, and flows are
continually evolving. What if you fit out the
floorplan with a variety of work pods that
catered brilliantly to these evolving tasks,
patterns, and flows? Let’s call it what it is:
future-proofing the office through an inherently
flexible fix.
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I invest in smart solutions

Kevin Landlord

If you could cut your build-out work in
half, how would that affect your income?

Tenants are more confident taking on longer
leases when the space they are moving into
is flexible. For this reason, modular, mobile
work pods have taken the place of conference
and meeting rooms. When you invest in
pods, not only do you set yourself up to win
those long-term tenants, but your space is
move-in ready, and your cashflow recovered
in weeks rather than months.
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I make the office work for people

Brad Facility Manager

Is it possible to build an office space that
adapts? And at a reasonable cost?

You have a limited budget for layout changes.
The problem is, employee needs fluctuate:
teams shift; mobile workers hop in and out;
individual work patterns have a life of their
own. Your entire workforce is in a constant
state of change. The office space needs to
keep up. Hush is how.
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My office needs to be dynamic to support the wide variety of tasks that go into planning, executing, and closing successful projects.

Julia’s day in numbers
Julia’s day in numbers
20 emails
2 hours
The projects we take on are complex. Unpacking lengthy status reports from multiple teams takes an enduring focus. Solo pods support this kind of focus.
10 phonecalls
1 hour
I touch base with stakeholders on a weekly basis. I can relax in my hushPhone and focus on maintaining the right tone and presence through each brief but important call.
3 meetings
2 hours
We hold video brainstorming sessions nearly every day. In a very real sense, they seed our opportunity to succeed in the long run. HushTwin is an ideal space for this collaborative effort.
2 breaks
1 hour
Our creates an informal environment for relaxation. Within it, my colleagues and I can take breaks, regroup, and return to our work with fresh energy.

We designed
a space of comfort and freedom

We believe that people have control over their growth and the way they achieve their goals and tasks. To fully control any situation, one has to have a sufficient number of options to choose from. Your Hush your way.


done right

Our goal is not absolute silence because total silence is unnatural and unhealthy. Instead, Hush provides an ideal acoustic environment for users, as it contains their noise, so colleagues outside aren’t disrupted either.Hush pods are mobile and modular – they can be easily expanded, adapting to team, client, or project needs in real-time.
You can implement them one at a time to test their success; they are a supreme alternative to expensive, timeconsuming infrastructure. As work dynamics evolve and teams shift, Hush keeps up, continually supporting your needs. They also allow you to be more independent from your landlord as your fine-tune your office space.
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Unhealthy silence
Unhealthy silence
Total silence isn’t the goal; we are evolutionarily adapted to sound. We hear it even when we dream – it is a central aspect of our lives.
Quiet office
Quiet office
The sound that’s made in Hush stays in Hush. Because of this, each pod makes the office quieter.
Safety issues
Safety issues
A user can hear the office’s fire alarm from inside their Hush, even when they are talking loudly on the phone.
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